Here are some rough drafts from Vajragupta:

ethical qualities [pdf]

provocative [pdf]

quotes [pdf]

rough ideas [pdf]

We realise they are a bit unpolished (especially the images), but in terms of attempting to introduce new people to the Dharma, we think that the ideas are so strong we wanted you to see them sooner rather than later.

Vajragupta mentioned that he thought these could work well as a kind of ‘carousel’ or slideshow on a website homepage, for linked themed events, as well as for posters of course… If anyone wants to use any of these and work them up, then please feel free…

Here’s a selection of some other sample posters. Click on each title below to download in pdf format:

searching [pdf]

why limit yourself? [pdf]

energy [pdf]

get-off-the-wheel [pdf]

get-off-the-wheel2 [pdf]

birth-school-work-death [pdf]

cliff-top [pdf]

diver-with-porthole [pdf]

unwind [pdf]

life-with-full-attention [pdf]

unclutter-your-mind [pdf]

West-London-Buddha-flyer [pdf]

meet-your-power [pdf]

big-questions-camb [pdf]

big-questions-world-on-fire [pdf]

Thanks to –

Bodhinaga at Sheffield Buddhist Centre for ‘Searching’ and ‘Why limit yourself?’
Ivan in Cambridge for the ‘Energy for Enlightenment’ and ‘The Big Questions (october 2011)’
Aryapala and Sanghamani at Buddhafield East for the idea for ‘birth-school-work-death’
Ratnaprabha at West London Buddhist Centre for the flyer