Who runs the fund?

The Triratna Development Fund is run by a collective of Triratna centres and projects from across Europe – from Dublin to Krakow, from Oslo to Valencia. We have good links with Triratna Centres beyond Europe too.

The chair of a Triratna Centre or project is entitled to join our twice yearly meeting known as the “Chairs Assembly”. This provides a support network for those running Triratna Centres, but is also a forum where we can come together and get an overview of what we need to thrive and grow as a community. There are about 50 members of the chairs assembly. Each year they distribute money that has been donated to the Triratna Development Fund (click here to see how the fund is used). The decisions are made by consensus.

They also employ a small team (the “Triratna Development Team”) to help them in their work.
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