How the fund is used

The Triratna Development fund gives money to projects that are serving the whole movement and helping it to grow and thrive. We rely on donations from two sources: firstly, from individuals who are inspired by our work and would like to help us. Secondly, many Triratna Centres make a donation to the fund.

Here are more details of some projects currently being funded:

International Retreat

This event happens every two years over a long weekend at the end of May and has attracted over 400 people each time it’s been held. It has been an inspiration for those on their first retreat, as well as a great opportunity to experience the magic of practising together in large numbers and to experience the wider Triratna Buddhist Community. The programme includes story-telling, chanting and ritual, meditation, talks and discussion, and activities for kids and teenagers.

International Urban Retreat

The basic idea of an urban retreat is that it helps us learn how to practice in everyday life, to gain confidence that we can really sustain such a practice and actually change ourselves and our lives! It is about how to live an “ideal urban life”. It can be especially helpful for people who find it difficult to get away on retreat because of family or work commitments. However, even those who do go on retreat often find returning from retreat and sustaining their practice is difficult — and the urban retreat can help them learn how to do so.

The International Urban Retreat is held on alternate years with the International Sangha Retreat. The next one will run from Saturday 8 to Saturday 15 October 2011; the theme will be ‘The Four Worldly Winds’.

Inspiring Young People with the Dharma

Over the 40+ years of the Order’s life its average age has crept up from 20-something to 50-something.  We need to make sure our Sangha contains the maturity of age, the energy of youth, and the inspiration of both!

To this end, we’ve encouraged the formation of self-organising young Buddhists’ groups around Triratna Buddhist Centres, and organised a series of national weekend retreats that have become very popular.  Along the way we’ve recognised that the secret doesn’t lie in producing trendy publicity, rather in attracting young people by invigorating the culture of the Movement so it actively values their participation and naturally provides a context for them to contribute. – a new website for the Triratna Buddhist Community

How can we respond to the world of the internet, and the huge opportunity it offers to spread the Dharma and Triratna’s message?

A vibrant new website is being developed to communicate ourselves and our Buddhist teachings on-line. The new site will give a much stronger sense of both the unity and diversity of our community, by offering a common entrance point into the plethora of Triratna sites.

Clear Vision Trust

Clear Vision holds the Triratna audio-visual archives and specialises in award-winning Buddhist video and online materials for children and young people worldwide.

Free Buddhist Audio

Free Buddhist Audio is the Triratna community’s most successful website, preserving our practice tradition and making our approach to the Dharma available as widely as possible. They distributed one million audio talks in 4 years!

Windhorse Publications

Windhorse Publications publish books by Sangharakshita and other authors, primarily for the Triratna Buddhist Community, but also for a wider readership, encompassing titles both for the general reader and specialist ones for practising Buddhists.

Triratna Chairs’ Assembly

This is a twice-yearly meeting which lasts for a week to ten days and brings together chairs of centres from across Europe (and sometimes beyond). Gathering regularly in this way provides support, inspiration, and a movement-wide perspective that helps chairs in the work that they and local Triratna Buddhist Centres do.