Triratna Development Fund

The Triratna Development fund gives money to projects that are serving the whole Triratna community and helping it to grow and thrive. Here are examples of projects we’ve recently, or are currently, funding:

  • We created the new Dharma Training Course for mitras – a new, high quality course with accompanying resources for study leaders.
  • We are now monitoring the course and will provide updates and improvements in time.
  • We’ve run weekends that bring together young people in our community and asked them what would make Triratna more attractive and supportive to their spiritual practice.
  • We’ve funded Clear Vision to produce free, exciting, on-line resources on Buddhism for young people.
  • We’ve helped Free Buddhist Audio establish their hugely successful website where hundreds of Dharma talks can be heard for free. We’ve also commissioned a new Triratna website that will provide easy access to Dharma anywhere in the world.
  • We’ve initiated the International Sangha Retreat and the International Urban Retreat – big, inspirational events that unify and celebrate our practice community.
  • We commissioned “The Triratna Story” – a new book that tells the story of our community, celebrating the achievements and discussing with honestly and openness the controversies and mistakes. We also gave financial assistance to Windhorse Publications to publish this and many other titles that would not otherwise be commercially viable.

But there is so much more we could do, if we had the funds. For example we could:

  • Translate more books and courses into more languages, not just English.
  • Employ “young people’s convenors” to help network young people and provide ways for them to get involved in our community.
  • Provide more teaching resources and fund more books, DVD’s, and on-line resources in order to get the Dharma much more strongly out into the world.
  • Do more to help support pioneers and those starting new Triratna projects, especially those who are doing so in new cultures and countries. This could take the form of financial support to help someone get established, or a bursary to help them attend retreats and stay inspired and connected.

We rely on donations from two sources: firstly, from individuals who are inspired by our work and would like to help us. Secondly, many Triratna Centres make a donation to the fund.

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