Triratna projects - charity numbers

Click here to see charity numbers of Triratna UK Buddhist Centres and retreat centres. Below are details of some of the main Triratna-wide charities:

Triratna Development Fund
(Legal name: European Chairs’ Assembly)
UK Charity Registration Number 1117287
Triratna’s only central fund for movement-wide projects such as pioneering new centres and groups, supporting the Young Buddhists’ initiative and The Buddhist Centre Online. Distributed by the Chairs of Triratna centres and projects from all over Europe, who are well placed to know best where money will be best used.

The Abhayaratna Trust
UK Charity Registration Number 1126494′

The Abhayaratna Trust is the Triratna Buddhist Order’s benevolent fund. The Trust is putting an end to poverty and financial hardship within the Order and helping to sustain the Sangha long into the future. The Trust cares for the welfare of Order members in different ways including helping with urgent living situations and sponsoring places on retreats and conventions – supporting Order members to keep their Dharma practice and Sangha connections alive. The Trust also aims to promote and encourage projects that benefit Order members in later life, such as co-housing and care projects.

The Clear Vision Trust
UK Charity Registration Number 1019669
Clear Vision is a Buddhist audio-visual media project with two areas of work:
1) We hold the Triratna Buddhist Community’s video and image archives and make available free video, including talks and documentaries old and new, on the VideoSangha website.
2) With our unique combination of expertise in video, education and web work, we are the only Buddhist project in the world specialising in Buddhist DVD and online video for children and young people. Our award-winning videos are the leading materials for Buddhism in British schools; our recent online interactive video materials are available free to young people at home and temple worldwide.

Free Buddhist Audio (FWBO Dharmachakra)
UK Charity Registration Number 294143 (US Non-Profit/Tax ID # 26-3940667)
Free Buddhist Audio is the Triratna community’s most successful website, preserving our practice tradition and making our approach to the Dharma available as widely as possible. We have distributed one million audio talks in 4 years! Help us flourish…

The India Dhamma Trust
UK Charity Registration Number 1133310
aims to:
- help create good conditions to deepen Dhamma practice in India
- make the Dhamma as widely available as possible in India
- help realize the unity of the Triratna Buddhist Order and community.

The Karuna Trust
UK Charity Registration Number 327461
Since 1980, Karuna’s education, culture and Dharma projects have helped many thousands of people from India’s Dalit (‘untouchable’) community to live with freedom and dignity.

The College of Public Preceptors
(Legal name: Triratna Preceptors’ College Trust)
UK Charity Registration Number 1142673
The College of Public Preceptors oversees ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order. We are also responsible for training and supporting private preceptors.

Windhorse Publications
UK Charity Registration Number 1104078
Windhorse Publications publish books by Sangharakshita and other authors, primarily for the Triratna Buddhist Community, but also for a wider readership, encompassing titles both for the general reader and specialist ones for practising Buddhists.

Charity Registered number
FWBO Arts (London Buddhist Arts Centre) 801018
FWBO Dhammaloka (reviving Buddhism in India) 1040666
FWBO Study Centre 1049385
Windhorse Trust (owns Windhorse : evolution) 1098979
Uddiyana (supporting Sangharakshita) 1046398