Help keep the Three Jewels shining

It is amazing to reflect on what has been achieved in just over 40 years since the Triratna Buddhist Community was founded. The precious jewels of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha have been given to tens of thousands of people across the world. Well over 100 Centres and groups – places where the Three Jewels shine brightly – have been established in over 25 different countries. Many people’s lives have been changed. Sometimes that change is dramatic, literally life-saving. Sometimes it is more subtle, but still life-affirming.

Please consider helping keep the Three Jewels shining by leaving a gift, large or small, to the Triratna Buddhist Community in your will. Here are three possible ways of doing that…

1) A gift to your local Buddhist Centre could help support a team member to put on extra Dharma classes or do more school visits. Or it could pay for a beautiful and inspiring piece of art that the Centre could never otherwise afford. Or it could enable a Triratna group that meets in rented rooms to buy their own Buddhist Centre. Or it could provide a bursary to help people afford to go on retreat. Gifts large and small have helped our local Centres to thrive and grow.

Taraloka Retreat Centre received a £3000 gift from a woman who'd been on retreat with them. They were able to buy two new computers for the office and four sofas for the lounge in the retreat centre. Their experience was that a gift in a will was really helpful, no matter how large or small it was. It allowed them to update and improve things they hadn't budgeted for, and hadn't expected to be able to afford for a while.

2) Or you might like to leave a gift to the Triratna Development Fund, to help work that develops the whole of the Triratna Buddhist Community. In recent years this has funded events and resources to make the Dharma more inspiring to young men and women, websites that have free Dharma talks and resources that have been used by hundreds of thousands of people, support for those running new Centres and groups across the world, and much other work. The fund is run by chairmen and women of Centres across Europe, in consultation with those from beyond Europe too. It is totally dependent on local Centres and individuals for donations. Any gift will help us do more to develop and unify the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Simhacitta was an Order member who died aged 76. He’d spent the last twelve years of his life living in a community in Bristol. On the day he died, his friends discovered he’d left a cheque for £5000 made payable to the Buddhist Centre on the mantelpiece. They will never know for sure why he did this, but the fact was that the Centre was going through a period of financial struggle and was possibly going to lose their new Centre premises. Not only did Simhacitta leave the cheque, he also left them a gift in his will. The cheque meant they could pay the next few mortgage instalments. Then, once the legalities were sorted out, the gift in the will paid off the bulk of the mortgage, and secured the Centre for generations to come.

3) Lastly, you might prefer to leave a gift to another specific Triratna project that you want to support, such as projects that work with the Buddhist Community in India, or that helps train and prepare men and women for ordination, or that produces the books, websites and Dharma resources that the world needs, but which aren’t always commercially viable. Our directory of Triratna charities page gives details of who is doing what, and how you might support them.

Mahananda's mother's family was Jewish and they lived in the Jewish quarter of Krakow. During the war, she ended up in Auschwitz, but survived, came to England, was married and her first son (Mahananda) was born. Many years later, when he heard that a new Buddhist Centre was opening in Krakow, and that they’d brought premises in the Jewish quarter, Mahananda left them a gift in his will. Mahananda died in 2009 and his gift is enabled the fledgling centre to translate and publish some Dharma texts into Polish.